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Girls Birthday Party Themes

Birthday parties are always a fun time for everyone. The child gets to enjoy cake and presents with his or her friends and the parents get to watch their child enjoy the festivities. Since birthday’s only come once a year parents want to make the big day special for their little one. A great way to make your child’s day extra special is by hosting a themed birthday party. For this post I’ll be focusing on themes geared towards girls and next week you can expect one aimed at boys. Most of the decor and party accessories needed for themed parties can be either bought at your local party store or if you are extra crafty you can can make decorations yourself!

1. Princess Parties
Certainly one of the most popular birthday party themes for little girls is the Princess Party theme. Suggested decor includes bright, girlie colors such as pink, purple and yellows. You can get creative in working these colors into the decoration by use of streamers, table clothes, napkins, plates and more. You’ll definitely want some glitter to sparkle this party up so look at your local party store for metallic decorations that will make your home look like a castle. Something to consider would be purchasing inexpensive children’s toy tiaras for each of the little princesses attending to wear. In the invitation you can request each child wear her best princess outfit and invite them to the Royal Celebration of -your child’s name-‘s Birthday. For entertainment consider hiring a juggler or balloon twister that will pretend to be the jester to your daughter’s royal court.  For your little girls special day, make her and all her friends feel like royalty!

2. Garden Flower Party


Though this party theme is best suited for the warmer months of spring and summer, it is sure to be a hit! If possible, this party is a great theme for an outdoor party. If you do not have a backyard available places to look into hosting it could include local parks of community areas. You can have a crafts table where the party guests can make their own flowers out of tissue paper and then present a lovely bouquet to the birthday girl. Colors to focus on are colorful pastels such as pink, yellow, and green.

3. Fairy Party


What little girl doesn’t want to be a fairy? Fairy parties are fun because they can be hosted both indoor and outdoor. A fun idea for a party activity is having all of the guests make their own fairy wands. A possible party accessory that would make this a magical day would be buying inexpensive fairy wings for the birthday girl, her guests and maybe even the adults chaperoning! Something to consider looking into for this party is a professional story teller. A story teller would be fantastic entertainment for such a party because they can captivate the guests in an extra special fairy tale! Colors to focus are anything bright!

4. Tea Party


Tea parties are perfect for little girls! This is a theme to make your child feel elegant and beautiful. I recommend requesting in the invitation that all guests arrive in their “Sunday best” attire. This could include party dresses, hats, gloves, or anything else that makes them feel fancy. This is another party idea that is suitable for either indoor or outdoor, however outdoor (weather permitting) would be idyllic. Suggested food includes typical tea party food such as finger sandwiches, tea (sweetened iced tea for the children) and macaroons or other small finger foods.

5. Mermaid Party


Perfect for the warm weather of summertime this would be a wonderful theme for a pool party.If you don’t have a pool, look into local community pools and if they are available for birthday parties which many of them are. Lots of bright colors are a must for this theme! You can use decorations such as colorful shells, lei garlands and other tropical accessories, maybe even a palm tree! Consider hiring a face painter to paint the party guests like their favorite fish. Tropical music is a must with this party to set the mood under the sea!


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  1. Chelsea on said:

    Where can I find the flower garden plates, cups etc? Too cute!!

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