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Painted Faces on Parade


Anyone who has gone out with little ones probably can remember a time where you were at a fair, or a zoo or some other place or event where there was a face painting booth. From my own experience when I was young, there was no way I was walking past that booth without getting a butterfly or something painted on my face and I had a whole arsenal of reasons why I needed to get it (I probably would have made for a great lawyer with my skills in persuasion!). But why wait until you go a carnival or something for a little face painting fun? You don’t have to be very artistic (although it certainly does help) to face paint. All you really need is some paint made for the face a few brushes, and a little imagination.

Something that I would certainly suggest is investing in an inexpensive face painting kit like this one:


Face painting kits are perfect because they usually give you at least your primary colors plus black and white (this one happens to also include green). They also generally come with a paint brush and a small face sponge as well as a book with picture ideas and sometimes step-by-step instructions. However, it is not crucial to the face painting process to buy one of these kits, just rather helpful in my opinion. If you have brushes of your own feel free to save some money by following this recipe for home-made face paint with ingredients you can easily find around the house.Before you start painting, make sure the recipients face is clean and dry or else the paint will last as long.

If you aren’t exactly the creative type I certainly suggest looking up easy face painting designs on-line. Many times it is a lot easier to paint a Spiderman face or a pretty flower or whatever is desired if you have a reference picture. Try easy designs like these:


If you are really adamant about a lack of creative skills there is still another option for you. Stencils! You can either buy stencils are your local craft store or print them out on-line. If you buy them at a craft store they will likely be more durable as they will be made from a soft plastic rather than if you printed them at home you will really only get one use for each stencil.


Another important thing to keep in mind when face painting is allergies. If you are unsure if someone has an allergy do a small test patch on their hand about an hour or so prior to painting. Most people don’t have any issues but when in doubt it is always a good idea to be safe and check in advance.

A few other tips and advice:

  • Have a towel or a roll of paper towels, you’re going to need it to clean off brushes and wipe off small painting mistakes
  • Have a cup of clean water handy so you can clean your brushes. Make sure you change it out for new water frequently too so it doesn’t get too murky.
  • Consider mixing colors on a paper plate to get more variety in your color pallet
  • Glitter is a fun addition!
  • Make sure the person who is getting their face painted is able to sit still long enough to get the painting completed. All of your hard work would go to waste if you only got through half a butterfly before the child wanted to go play!
  • Make sure you allow enough time for the face paint to dry after you’ve painted it. This means you should explain to the child not to touch his or her face for at least 10 minutes or so.
  • Most importantly, have fun with it! Face painting doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be fun.

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