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Bounce House Safety

Moon Bounce Safety RiskBack in the news this week are some startling figures about the number of injuries to children while in bounce houses and slides.  While most of them are minor, like broken bones and sprains, there have been a few reported fatalities and the injury numbers are on the rise.

Like a lot of injuries, many are preventable.  Injuries resulting from jumping in a bounce house are no exception.  Here are a few things to keep in mind if you rent a bounce house for a party or event.

The Company

Compare bounce house rental companies. Ask about insurance and length of time in business.  Get referrals from friends.  Ask about the condition of the bounce house and whether it comes with trained staff to monitor the children and the bounce house. The cheapest rate is not always the best deal.

The Children

The number of children that can safely bounce at one time will depend on the size of the unit.  Ask the operator the maximum number of children recommended for your unit.

Equally important are the ages of the participants.  It is not safe or wise to pair 10 year old children with 3 year old children.  Their size and weight differential plus their balance and ability can make for unsafe conditions for the younger children.

The Weather

Make sure the weather conditions are suitable for safe operation. Wind can pick up or blow over a bounce house if it is not properly anchored tossing the structure and the children inside.  Wet weather can make the smooth surface slippery.

Adult Supervision

With all that goes on at a party, it is easy to let the children go and play.  If there is no trained operator that comes with the unit, it is important that there is adult supervision.  Many of the injuries reported can be prevented by monitoring the number and age of the children in the bounce house at one time, encourage safe behavior within the unit, the safe entry and exit of the children and the overall condition of the weather and the condition of the unit itself.  If the power accidentally gets turned off, the adult can help children safely exit the unit before it collapses.

Don’t let accidents spoil the fun.  Take the needed precautions and have fun!

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