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JDRF Walk Video

We were proud to be part of the JDRF Walk at Christiana Mall in Newark, DE on Saturday, January 27, 2013. Each year approximately 15,000 new cases are discovered in children. We hope you can help find the cure by donating or getting involved.

The Juggling Hoffmans – JDRF Walk

Enjoy the video!

Day One: Part Two

todayThere is another story about our first day performing together in Atlanta, Georgia in 1993. While the day was excruciating for me, Michael experienced an unexpected thrill.  In between our shows, Michael noticed a camera crew setting up nearby. With an insatiable lust for performing, Michael wandered across the park and approached them.

As he got closer, he realized that the crew was not just a local station, but an NBC Today Show crew. Not intimidated, he asked, “Do you want to film me juggling fire?”

They all looked at each other and said, “OK.”

He sprinted back to me where I stood guard over our equipment. He grabbed his torches and smiled as if he had seen Santa for the first time before sprinting back toward the crew.

I watched from across the park as he lit up his torches and went to work charming all of America. With each new take, he used his signature expressive face and talent for performing while projecting his lines, “Hi Bryant. Hi Katie. What a difference Today makes here in Atlanta.” This 5 second Today Show promo aired nationwide in conjunction with others for about a month with the most notable airing during the NBA playoffs.

Although he didn’t get paid to do the promo, the director did give him a $10 tip. It was nearly 1/3 of the total we collected that day street performing and worth the couple of hundred dollars we spent on the plane ride for the story alone. It is said that everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. Michael is destined for a few minutes more.


Budget Friendly Places

The previous entry was on fun places outside of the home that are good party venues. However, these places can get a bit pricey so this post is going to focus on more budget-friendly party locations. Just because a party is on a budget does not mean that it cannot be a fun and memorable one, quite the contrary actually! With fun activities and inexpensive decoration you can throw a great party just about anywhere! Here are some great party venue ideas for the budget savvy party planner in you!

1. Local Parks

Local parks are a great party place, weather permitting of course, because in most cases, it’s a free venue! Many parks usually come with picnic and/or playground areas to set up near as well as grilling stations. This is perfect for a lovely outdoor themed party or even just a fun BBQ. Be sure to check with your local park first before throwing your party there because some parks do require you to obtain a permit (sometimes for a nominal fee). Also, most parks to have regulations about what you can and cannot bring onto the premises so do be sure to look into the specific guidelines for your local park before your party date. Another great thing about parks is the big open space you have for guests to play in. This is great for setting up physical activities such as sports games or even a game of horse-shoe throwing. Parks generally have a carry-in-carry-out policy regarding trash so be prepared to cleanup carefully after your party.

2. Community Centers

Community centers are another great budget-friendly party venue because there are typically many to choose from in your local areas. Community centers often have great banquet rooms that can be rented for a low cost. You can make a community center party extra special by assembling a team of friends or family members to decorate the place and make it extra colorful and lively. Some community centers even have recreational rooms with things such as pool tables, ping-pong tables, Foosball tables, and more. These are great locations to bring in a party entertainer such as a juggler, balloon twister, magician or another entertainer of your choice. Most commonly you are responsible for the set-up and clean up for your party so make sure you review the guidelines of the community center of your choice. Most importantly though, have fun!

3. A Friend or Relative’s House

Do you have a close friend or relative with a really awesome house? Maybe a house with a pool, a great backyard or basement, or even one of those home movie-theaters? If so, consider asking them to be the host of your next birthday party! Of course you will be responsible for set up and clean up for the party but surely if the host is having a party in his or her home, they will want to at least participate in decorating! I suggest to bring a small gift as a token of appreciation for your party host for generously allowing the party to take place in his or her home. Having a party at a friend or relative’s house is great because you won’t have to pay a venue charge and you don’t have to worry about a suitable place in your own home to fit a bunch of energetic kids!

4. Community Pool

What child doesn’t love a pool party? Perfect for the warm summer months, hosting your child’s celebration at a community pool is a fun time for everyone. Parent’s get to relax by the pool knowing there is a lifeguard on duty to help supervise your kids while the party guests get to splash around and play pool games with friends. Most local areas have a variety of community pools including your local YMCA  branch. Some community pools to require membership in order to host your party there so make sure to check into that. One thing that most children have in common is that they love to go swimming so a pool party is great especially because it generally involves minimal decorating and stress!

5. Your Own Home

What could be more budget-friendly than hosting your child’s party at your own home? This is of course dependent on your home and if you can fit the desired amount of party guests. If your home is suitable for a party though it’s a great location because you don’t have to travel, pay a venue charge or follow any policies or restrictions other than your own. You have the freedom to decorate how you want to, clean up at your own pace, and invite however many people you can fit! This is a perfect place to hire a children’s entertainer to make the party extra exciting. With hosting a party at your own home you have the liberty of deciding exactly what you want and how much you want to spend, making this the most budget-friendly place of them all!

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