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I just booked a performer. Now what?

How to Prepare for an Entertainer or Guest Speaker

You’ve done your research and selected an entertainer to perform at your event or venue. Now what? Whether you’re planning an event in a theater, library, conference room, classroom, or living room, asking a few questions will set expectations and eliminate stress for both you and the performer(s).

Terms of payment

Discuss where to direct the invoice and/or contract and payment method. Indicate whether you or your organization has policies regarding the payment of vendors. If a deposit is required, ask about the terms.

Contact info

Exchange contact info for the weeks prior and day of event. If there is another contact person on the day of the event, relay the contact information for that person, as well.


If you are advertising the event, ask the performer for a bio, photo, logo, and/or a description of the presentation. If you are trying to promote the event publicly, see if the entertainer can send out announcements through email, on their website, or through their social media sites. Provide detailed information for the release to avoid inaccurate information being advertised.

Order of events

If your guest is doing more than one thing (e.g. a show and book signing, face painting, etc.) discuss the order of events. Discuss whether you are needed to direct the audience from one activity to another.

Arrival time

Ask the performer when they intend to arrive and how much set up time is required. Determine if the will require any help/equipment for load in or set up. Where applicable, ask if they prefer the audience wait until show time to be seated or if early arrivals are ok. Direct the performer to any changing area or practice space as requested or practical.

Equipment requirement

Determine if the performer needs sound or lighting equipment and who is providing it. In addition, a performer may need tables, chairs, or extension cords.

Space requirement

If space is an issue, discuss who will delineate the space or determine preferred staging area. If there are other performers or activities before or after, make sure the performer is aware of any time constraints. If they are performing at the same time as other activities, consider the noise level of each and allow ample foot traffic space between areas.

Audience configuration

Consider how the audience will be seated (if there is a choice) and if the performer has a preference of theater style, in a U shape, or on the floor or ground.

Parking/loading in

When possible, save a parking space close to the venue for the performer. If they need a pass or if there are specific areas to park, get that information to the performer ahead of time. As a nice gesture, let them know of any construction or traffic detours in the area.

Who/where to report

Especially if it’s in a larger venue, let your performer know where and to whom they should report. A cell phone is a great option for busy events.


Determine who will introduce the performer. If the performer would like you to do the introduction and it is more the just the name, have it written for you to read.

Loading Out

Ask how long it will take for packing up and getting out. If there is a set closing time or time you need/want to leave, inform the performer in advance.

Contingency plans

If there is a chance the event could get cancelled, inform the performer prior to booking the event and decide upon cancellation plans. Discuss the time at which the decision will be made and any plans to reschedule.

I hope that’s been helpful! Is there something else that you wish you had discussed prior to an event that would have made it better? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list!


Boy’s Birthday Party Themes

Hello again! Last week I wrote on birthday party themes for girls and as promised, this week is on birthday party themes for boys! Again, depending on your budget most of the decor and party accessories needed for themed parties can be either bought at your local party store or if you are extra crafty you can can make decorations yourself!

1. Prehistoric Dinosaur

What could be more perfect for an adventurer than a dinosaur themed party? Crafts could include making paper-mache volcanoes. Games could include pin the tail on the dinosaur and a sandbox dino-dig, you can get really creative so use your imagination! Colors to focus on are outdoorsy colors such as browns and greens and blues. Also consider hiring a professional reptile handler to come as the main attraction so your guests can get up close and personal with a whole array of critters.

2. Astronaut Space Explorer

This would be especially great for a sleepover party you can bring the kids outside to look at the stars. Weather permitting, back yard camping would be extra fun. If the sky is clear enough, print out constellation guides and see how many the party guests can find. Check with your local rules before doing this, but another entertainment idea would be to set off small (and LEGAL) firecrackers with the kids and pretend that they are rocket ships going into outer space! Crafts could include the kids decorating their very own spaceships (made from recycled 2 liter soda bottles)! Colors to focus on are black, silver, yellows and blues. Consider ordering some freeze-dried “astronaut” food for the guests to try.

3. Wild West Cowboys

Cowboy hats required! Handout sheriff badges, bandanas and water guns and get ready for a wild west ride! Depending on the age of the children consider hiring a horse for pony rides to make your party guests feel like true cowboys. Another fun idea is to rent a photo-both for the day and have all of the party guests take “Wanted” pictures to make a souvenir scrap book for the birthday boy. Colors to focus on are browns, whites, and reds. Games could include stick-horse races and a rousing game of horseshoes (with kid-safe equipment).

4.  Superhero

This is the perfect theme for your little crime-fighter (or trouble maker)! With this theme you can choose to either focus on your child’s favorite superhero, a group of superheros (such as the Justice League or Marvel’s Superhero Squad) or you can create your very own superhero out of your child! Fun crafts to do with the party guests include personalized mask making. Another fun activity would be to create fake crime scenarios and have your little hero’s role play how their characters would handle the problem!

5. All-Star Sports

Perfect for an outdoor party. You can set up different play stations around your yard or local park with various different sporting equipment. This theme is great for the energetic boys in your house and is sure to tire out any little athlete. A fun idea is to get inexpensive trophies as party favors and have each guest receive an award such as “tee-ball MVP” or “Longest Football Throw”.  You can really personalize this party to what your child’s favorite sports are so be creative!

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