The Juggling Hoffmans

Caution: Show contains fun and excitement. Laughter may occur.

Who We Are

Great children's entertainers

The Juggling Hoffmans have been dazzling audiences throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Northern Virginia and beyond for over a decade.

A graduate of the University of Delaware’s Theater Program, Michael was inspired to juggle by a teacher while in High School.  Michael has dedicated the past 20 years to perfecting his skills in the art of juggling.

Lois, also a graduate of the University of Delaware, is a passionate performer and jubilant juggler.  Lois found her inspiration to entertain when she met her husband and partner in 1991.

*They have been making things fly ever since.*

The chemistry and teamwork between this happy couple is both fun and funny, astonishing and clever, tasteful and unique.

Michael and Lois are lifetime members of the International Jugglers Association. International Jugglers Association

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